Detoxing The Liver

When does a liver cleansing make sense?

Our body is exposed daily to countless loads of dirt and things we don’t really want inside our precious human bodies. The so-called “toxins” come from outside our bodies. They can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin and every day through the polluted air, received the contaminated water and soil.

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By smoking, too much alcohol, taking drugs, poor diet, insufficient drinking and using household chemicals, our toxins add up. You reach the intestine via the veins to the liver where they are detoxified.

One of the main functions of the liver is the production of bile . If our liver is working well, it produces up to 1 liter of bile a day.

Bile serves as a support medium for removing toxins from our body. If the liver is not working properly for too long, toxic overload is too sluggish, the toxins accumulate and cause inflammation in the body. - maigrir vite

Now very little bile is produced. The body cells are attacked by free radicals and toxins can easily accumulate in our fat tissue, in brain cells and also in the central nervous system. Piece by piece the toxins run around in our bloodstream and can lead to the onset of chronic diseases.

Cause of an unhealthy and impaired liver function may be called gallstones. This is often present solid, crystallized product failure of bile is either in the gallbladder or in the bile duct. If a gallstone causes a blockage, it can impede the flow of bile and cause violent colic in most cases by an imbalance in the liver.